The city of Jaipur is a major Indian tourist attraction. It is the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan, home to many palaces and forts, and is close to both Delhi and the Taj Mahal. The city is also a major destination for foreign business people involved in the jewellery, textile, handicraft and paper industries.

We place posters and leaflets in local hotels and advertise in the city guide and tourist map. We invite locals and visitors to Jaipur to come to Ladli. Those that respond are collected free of charge and shown a nearby Ladli centre.


In past one and half year, 2 thousand People from over 15 countries have come to Ladli. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Visitors are greeted at the brightly coloured gates of Ladli and welcomed in the traditional Indian manner. They are told a little about the project and are then invited to walk around, take photos and interact with the children. The children enjoy visitors; they like the attention and the chance to practise English.

Visitors also have the opportunity to buy some the products made by the children as part of their training. The proceeds, of course, go entirely to the children and to funding the project.

Almost without exception, visitors are delighted by Ladli. They often come expecting to stay fifteen or so minutes, but rarely leave in less than an hour or two. Many rank seeing and interacting with the children as the highlight of their trip. Those buying products or making donations are also pleased to have found an effective and trustworthy way to help street children. Visitors to India see the problems of street children. They want to help but know that giving to beggars is not the solution. Ladli can be a bridge between visitors and street children.

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If you Travel Jaipur for vacations, business or for some other work, please Visit Ladli. You can do some voluntary work, visit street children, play with children, talk to girls & boys, teach them, help them or even shopping for a cause.

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