The priority at Ladli is the children’s training and their happiness. As part of their training, the girls and boys do, however, make various products. The girls make jewellery, the boys: bags, cards and handicrafts. These are offered for sale and the proceeds go entirely to the children and toward funding the project. The majority of sales are to foreigners, and at present about 50% of Ladli’s costs are met through such revenues. This money allows many more children to be helped.


In order to increase revenues, Ladli strives to provide the same level of service and efficiency to foreign buyers that they expect in their own country. Our customers are always delighted by the quality of Ladli products. Those giving business orders are also impressed with the accuracy and timeliness with which Ladli completes and delivers their items.

Many of Ladli’s products are designed by professional designers. (For instance, Katrina Barker, an Irish jewellery designer volunteered for the project for many months.) Some pieces, however, are designed by the children themselves. Many girls show a real aptitude for jewellery design and take enormous satisfaction from showing and selling their work to visitors. A number of business people have taught the children their own customised designs, then given Ladli orders for these.

Ladli is happy to work with customers who give orders: we can offer discounts, marketing material and meet special requirements. Talk to us!



Ladli offers handmade products from precious indian street children. Through this fairtrade you can shop the cause & buy Jewellery, Handicrafts, Handmade products & Fashion acessories. All profit towards children & project.

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