Boys Ladli is attended by 40 boys. They learn to make various handicrafts such as bags, greetings cards, decorations and puppets.

As at Girls Ladli, teachers instruct and guide children in small groups. The children are relatively free to move between different groups, working on different skills. This freedom is necessary to keep their interest and to maintain the pleasant, informal atmosphere that is the hallmark of Ladli.


The children learn to make a range of sewn items such as shoulder bags, handbags, jewellery bags, cushion covers, and place mats. They also make clothes, many of which are given to the desperately poor street children that I-India teaches in its street schools. The sewing work is taught by a master tailor and assistant.

Greetings cards are a new area for Ladli. Using bought hand-made paper products, an important local industry, the boys design and create cards. Some of these incorporate their drawings, others include sewing or decorations – skills they have also acquired in Ladli. The cards are of a high standard and very popular.

The decorations are cut out of thin, soft tin. By pressing a pen or ruler on the back of the metal, patterns and impressions can easily be made. The children get a real thrill from this activity and enjoy experimenting and creating their own designs.

Puppet-making is another key local industry. An experienced artisan teaches the children how to make and assemble a range of puppets, a process that may also call on their sewing skills.

As well as vocational training, the boys are, of course, provided regular educational subjects such as Hindi, English and Art. A hobby teacher also offers alternative activities, for instance, drum-playing. Supporting the local staff in all this, are usually one or two foreign volunteers.

Boys Ladli is located in the DCM district of Jaipur, about 8km west of the city centre. The address is: A-319 Vidyut Nagar, DCM, Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302021, India.




Ladli offers Vocational training and employment for Street children. The program intends to provide Job placements, specialized trainings for children in special need.

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